Godmanchester School students- Huntingdonshire Regional College:

"Mark is very relaxed himself, which enables me to feel relaxed."

"Good explanation of poses- I could do more!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed. Tutor very approachable if any questions."

" Aimed at all levels- my flexibility improved."

"Mark's thorough understanding of yoga and excellent communication helps to give me strong focus."

"V. methodical teaching, easy to follow."

Peterborough / Stamford

We're both really enjoying the classes and find them of enormous benefit, both physically and mentally, so thank you!!!

Thank you for letting my friend Anna come to yoga, she thoroughly enjoyed it and it has encouraged her to find a class when she goes back to Brunei!!

Thanks for this - loved the class! My previous encounter with Iyengar yoga was some time ago and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it's straightforwardness and what for me is a lovely 'uncluttered' approach. Thanks! Will take a look around the website and see you next week!

I enjoyed your class very much and found it really beneficial.  I think having practised for a while you get very set in your ways and slightly sloppy.  You made me think more deeply about alignment and attention to detail.